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Default lighting

like the top one, make a GRP housing for it, one that could have a perspex cover fitted over the top that follows the curve of the car should the user wish (yes then it can be done after regestration). far lower cost and no issues with legality. In certification the lights are tested for beam dispersion I believe (which really is stupid if made of lots of leds as it should not be required) but its a way around the issue and a significant saving.
I would be surprised if cut down lamps passed as they would have been 'modiefied', from when they had their original certification.
Please dont take this as a critisim as its not meant to be, it looks great, its just trying to get something done when there may be a far cheaper option, and a cost like that could be recouped over a number of units, but why not turn it into profit earlier(as long as its not too bigger compromise).I did certifications on a charger cost over 8K, after making 500 units decided to change and required new set of certs, solution change a plug and the charger cost me $3 with certs already done by someone else!

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