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Default Mini-based 3 wheeler called Mosquito


My name's Damien from France, 26 years old and I’m restoring a Mini based kit-car called Mosquito (some of you probably know that car but with the name of Triad, but it’s the same car.)
I bought that car from my English friend Chris, about 3 years ago.

I'm looking for informations about those cars. I'd like to be in touch with other owners or any other person that could give me informations, pictures, articles, etc. about Mosquito and Triad.

You’ll see here the different steps of the restoration …

Here is the Mosquito when my mate Chris bought it, back in 2002 I think. It wasn’t that bad after being stored for 11 year in that garage...

The Mosquito is complete, there’s nothing missing. Exhaust pipes are quite rusty and we can recognize the Mini MkI rear lights.

The interior is a bit small but the two small bucket seats give the game away. The interior is very simple.

The engine bay shows the little 850 A series.

Only the spare wheel has got space in the boot, near the petrol tank.

The frame is very rusty, like the wheel.

Here is the Mosquito, in front of Chris’ garage.

The bonnet took off when crossing a lorry on the road! As you can see, another lorry that was following the Mosquito… The bonnet was completely broken, with no possibility to buy a new one at the local Mini shop! So, Chris made one by himself…

The back of a washing machine will do the job…

And a square of metal set found in a scrapyard will do the rest!!

Witt little cutting…

And here is the brand new bonnet! As the bonnet need to be painted, Chris changes the colour of the Mosquito: red.

This picture shows how low is the Mosquito
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