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Thank you all for your replies.

Originally Posted by Fuoriserie View Post
Hi Damien,

As a threewheeler fan, i think you did a great job in restoring this kit, but have you thought of about updating also the Wheels, with some nice 13 inch Minilite replica wheels?.

It will give your kit more presence on the road, look classy, and drive better, especially over bumps.

Will follow your project, and please post more picture when you have them.

Good luck with the rebuild.

I think I'll keep the 10" reverse rims, I like those wheels.

Originally Posted by Ferg View Post
Hello Damien!

Fantastic collection of photos of a very worthwhile project.

I can't add anything to what John has said about it's history, but I do recall seeing a white Mosquito at Stoneleigh around 1985 parked next to a Stimson Scorcher.

Have you seen this page:

Not much there, but interesting.

By the way.
Alloy with circles - I've always called 'machine turned'

and 'Primer' sounds like the right word to me!!!

I had already seen that web page about the Mosquito. Anyway, thank you is a great website.

Do you have any picture of the white Mosquito in Stoneleigh in 1985? If it was a white one, it could have been mine. They were not so many and most of them were red or blue. A simple registration number could help a lot.

Thank you for your help.

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