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Default Sub-frame build

The sub-frame was purchased from a company that manufactured them to suit minis with other engines, as the McCoy was mini based this sub-frame was also suitable, the following was progressed when it was being destined for my sons Mini, the majority of the parts were brand new and other donor part came from the mini and we refurbished…

These were some of the new parts..

And some of the refurbished or made parts..

It was a struggle to say the least to get the engine into the sub-frame and had to be support from a crane while the sub-frame was put onto it, just like putting on a coat. As this was the easiest way of fitting them together the hole assembly would have to be removed from the car if any major work had to be done

Finally the engine was in and then the suspension, drive shafts steering components etc was assembled.

Later in the build it was apparent that the heater hoses would clash with the sub-frame so it had to be redesigned to sort it out..

That done the trick, it shouldn’t have had to be done if the sub-frame manufacturer accommodated it and there were a few other clash issues I had to deal with, with regard to the sub-frame.

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