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Hi Rich,

These pictures only show the final installation. My installation was quite complex and time consuming but it works. I filled the air intake hole under the bonnet and made new holes in the inner skin of the front nearside wing so air comes in between the inner and outer wheel arches, the air is then ducted into the Rover fan assembly (small mods to actuating controls for it to fit) which is mounted inside the car under the dash (just fits). The air is then ducted forward to the evaporator which is mounted and sealed in a large hole in the bulkhead. Under the bonnet another duct was constructed to take the cold air to the Fiat heater unit. I had to modify the heater unit by bringing the controls out the other side to allow linkages to be made to connect to the electronic servo units from the Rover. All ducts and covers were constructed in fibreglass. By carefully annealing the aluminium pipes from the donor I re-bent them to fit the car which meant the receiver and pressure switch was mounted on the chassis under the front off side wing next to the condenser. I had the two pipes to the compressor lenthened with high pressure rubber pipes by a local contractor, I ran these down the centre of the chassis. Finaly I fitted the fan driven thermistor in the dash by the drivers left knee. Ifitted the climate controls in my centre dash.
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