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Hi Trev,
I think it's pretty hard to pass first time if you haven't had experience with the sva test. I know when mine failed on similar things to yours I didn't even consider some of the items as potential problems, even the fog and reverse lamp failed because it had a sharp edge where the lens didn't quite cover the housing.
If I had to go through the same process again with the experience gained I would stand a better chance but there ain't no guarantees.
I had to fit standard inertia belts for my sva test because my harness belts weren't delivered in time and they passed ok. I asked the sva inspector if he would pass the harness bar and he said probably not. I have since fitted the harness bar and belts and it seems pretty strong to me but only a crash would test it properly. I suppose a centre mount for the bar would improve it's strength substantially.

good luck with retest. Brian
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