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9ne of the cars of the show for me was the Grassbank 250 SWB. They have addressed every single issue and offer comprehensive upgrades that are amazing quality:
Deep dish wheels without wheel extensions (same peg drive as mine were) by crafty hub swapping at rear and repositioning and 'adjustment" of front suspension- difference is amazing.
Stainless electric windows and frame solution - looks production.
Colour coded cover panel featuring washer jets to cover the bottom of the screen glass and achieve the perfect screen look with thick chrome windscreen trim.
Exact exhaust system that cleverly utilise existing vac pipe to shut off inner 2 pipes for more pleasant cruising.
Slotted pull close system for bolt on of front clip to bring it into perfect, and I mean perfect, alignment with the doors
And 9f course tgeir proper wrap around rear screen.

The attention to detail was increduble, the panels were arrow straight not a hint of any imperfection. Head and shoulders above any previous Tribute build.just a different league. And although the asking price for the demo was 65k (they do NOT do full builds note) it is still better value than any out there - only my opinion. Seriously, it was that good.

Would love to see their deep dish wheel conversion on the convertible and the lower screen panel fix.

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