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With metallic, the undercoat colour affects the top coat shade. Then providing the metallic finish is satisfactory, as many coats of clear (or tinted) lacquer as you want will provide the final finish.

That "Hoover" rig was a very compact device mounted on the top loader chassis. I used cellulose for that job.

I borrowed a "proper" compressor for my 2nd spray job- Starsky & Hutch red/white on an HB Viva. The previous user had done a blue/purple flip/flop metallic job on his Capri. We ended up with a few of those flakes on the Viva. But again, plenty of top coat (acrylic) allowed us to flat down and polish to an acceptable finish.

"...tell me how he (and the rest of them) used to hand paint cars with 7 layers of cellulose, then rub them down..."-

You mean to say they didn't use the 12-coat Valspar method that was popular at the time? I think that was an alkyd paint similar to household gloss.
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