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Default Tips for new builders.

Thought it might be handy to start a thread for new builders. All the little problems, quirks etc. The ones I can think of at the minute:

5EXI Rear front Rover hubs need altering to fit Rear rover Discs.

Dash board heater holes. On Marlin CD, the measurements are wrong. You end up drilling the hole not above the heater vent!

The Rover radiator. It's a funny size to fit lower lugs. 595mm.

Becareful of the bolt and other threads. There's a mix of metric and imperial! For example Track rod ends!
Also, the suspension bolts are imperial. Don't drill out the mounting holes in metric if the suspension bolts are too tight!

Try and use a small heater like a mini or heard of a VW polo. Not sure how much work is involved for example control cables etc.

Rover PG1 gearboxes. Go hydraulic clutch. Also use the MGF gearlinkage.

Rover turbo owners. Use diesel 420 diesel driveshafts with the latest Marlin engine/gearbox mounts.
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