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Originally Posted by jones View Post
So today I got my first few hours on the car since getting the kit a few weeks ago. It's disappointing but due to other external influences I will be doing this project as and when I can find the time. I had intended to take a week off to get the body on and then spend the rest of the winter tweeking it etc.

Well anyway I have managed to get some done and today it the front end that got my attention. Importantly i got my first excuse to use the new power toy...

I had to grind off a few seized bolts to remove the front bumper but piece by piece the front lawn looked like a Mazda jumble sale.

I am pleased to announce that a small fear has been alleviated as I purchased the car really quite cheap due to the appalling paintwork. I had therefore wondered if that was a result of some major accident BUT its all straight under those panels!

So I was eager to see it with the front on so first dry run with still a few rubbers and bonnet catch still in place and voilá...

A bit later on I was able to remove these bits and do a better dry fit including the removal of the corners from the front plastic impact bar.

The one thing I am surprised about is how high the front is now sitting - the bonnet, bumper and wings didn't appear to way much at all but will now have to look at lowering the car. Any suggestions on by how much I should lower it, by anyone who has done it already?
I would get your wheel and tyre combo sorted and fitted before you lower it Ian, see how it looks with more rubber on it.
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