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Default F 275gtb/z3

In Blue Peter Fashion - here is one I made earlier:

This was an unfinished project, putting a fibreglass body 275GTB/4 body on to a shortened Ferrari 400a chassis. I sold it earlier this year to a guy in Italy when I ran into health problems and thought I would not be able to finish it.
Now I have recovered and looking for something else to do and thought I might put the same body on a BMW Z3. The reason for choosing this is that all the Z3 panels are bolt on and opinion has it that it will not need an IVA. I am planning to retain the screen for ditto and rollover strength and the door internals for side impact protection. Also, the modern (ish) mechanicals will make it possible to use as a daily driver and the price of a donor is much more reasonable.
Purists will not like it because I will have to make some concessions about the profile because of (1) the windscreen shape (2) the difference in conformation between the door, screen, wheels and bonnet.
I have played with cut out profiles taken from engineering drawings and cut up 1:24 scale models of the Z3 and 275GTB and reckon that it is possible and not too far from the 275GTB shape. This composite model shows the Z3 door in grey.

So, before I commit to buying a Z3 and altering my 275GTB panels, what do you reckon? Am I wasting my time?
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