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Default More progress - I am knackered!

Hey, been working hard in the background over the last few days.
Been working on:
- Boot extension shape and glassing
This needs a bit of fettling and material added to get it to fit nice to the body structure.

- Finishing parcel shelf and high level brake light extension
Fitted the parcel shelf and "end fillers" screwed and bonded to the body and bonded to the roll cage support. Just need to fit some p clips and standoffs on the outer edges (from the roll cage) to support firmly on those ends. The shelf will be carpeted. The original high level brake light is being placed on a mount that is being 3 D printed. The lower surface of the OEM light has been 3D scanned so we can 3 D print a mount to cover with carpet.

- Fuel filler tube. Have fitted the fuel filler extension and you will see from the photos fitted with epoxy tank repair kit putty. This has gone off solid and holds the tube really solidly. I scalloped the lower end of the tube so that the breather tube as standard will work comfortably. Only need to fill the upper part of the pipe with a fuel resistant sealant (even though it is sealed from fuel now anyway) and then fit the rest of the pipework.

This week will be taken up with trying to get the fuel filler finally done, Z4 hub on and seeing if the track reduction mods give me enough for what I am looking to do with the style 5 wheels......Also of the humidity plays nice will start glassing the bigger bits of the rear shell I need to.

Rear glassing required!

Parcel shelf

Fuel tube scallop and 90 deg tube

Fuel tube installed solid

Quicksteel epoxy - good stuff!
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