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Originally Posted by Egdik View Post
Nice recycling.

As time goes by one gets over the pain of failures - we all do it, but try not to repeat them . . . The overall cost is not significant or worrisome in the big picture.

Progress is a great motivator.
Cheers Kidge,

This week a bit slower as I am still having issues with the positioning of the fuel filler. With the size of the tube and filler and the required bend radius I am struggling to keep it off the chassis. So I have changed tack, started the strengthening and packing/fit position of the rear shell so that gives me as much room as humanely possible to play with. I am optimistic but certainly partially frustrated!

I do have made the initial prototype of the rear brake light pod that will sit on the parcel shelf and it looks good, also today gave the green light for the manufacture of the side trims. Having them formed up by a local metal company in bright stainless and then finishing off the welding/final fabrication with a good mate of mine. Things moving though and a long weekend coming up which is raining most of the time so plenty of spare hours can be spent on it.......
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