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Default My first build: Kobra

My first post, although been admiring all the fascinating work on here for a couple of years now. It amazes me at the patience, passion and skill that exists in this forum.

Building a car has always been a dream of mine. Conventional kit cars, whilst my goal, is a lot of work, and I think a step too far for my limited skill set (and garage!). That's where I want to be some day, but when I saw the Kobra kit, it seemed like a great way to enter the world of kit cars.

I met with Richard Noon, Nubodi, in late 2016, where I saw the Kobra kit for the first time. Soon after, I had bought myself a BMW Z3 2.0L, 2000, off eBay for 700, and the kit was delivered (November 2016). In hind sight, I should have waited to Spring 2017 - but I was a 'kid in a sweet shop'.

The Z3 had lacquer pealing in several places, hence the price I guess. Other than that, it was mechanically sound and even came with an MOT.
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