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Quick update, but not the one I wanted.
Trims still not welded, praying for good news tomorrow otherwise another lost weekend to get the sills sorted and on.
Brackets from Germany for the exhaust have taken an age, looks like they are in NZ, but not in my hands. Net result exhaust can’t be fitted up this weekend either as they are setting the position to weld brackets on the a few weeks before the exhaust finished now.
Wrapping the bumpers, listen very carefully I will say zis only once!
Make sure you have no overspray from any filler/spray repairs on the surface that you are pulls paint off the gel coat. The guys who are wrapping thought it would be ok but not the case. So have spent the last two days rubbing all the bumpers back to gelcoat surface, polishing with 3000 grit paper and now the vinyl test wrap went well. Chrome shows nicely so let’s see how they look when done next week now!

So a few things no quite to plan, but the stream as always is flowing (eventually) in the right direction. Cheers.
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