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Managed to make a start on tidying the interior/doors up today after a couple of days off from the car.

I wanted to beef up the frame around the window of the door skin, which is supplied with a metal bar bonded in to the GRP skin. I wasn’t happy with where this attached to the MR2 door outer skin (the metal outer skin) so took the Perspex side windows out and strengthened this area on both driver and passenger side.

Whilst I had the windows out I also painted the upper visible part of the MR2 door skin that shows behind the perspex side windows matt black as I felt the gloss black of the donor car doors made this stand out.

I also painted the inside edge of the door mirror mounting plates I previously fabricated and glassed in.

Windows all back in (I added another rubber channel strip to provide a better join with the door mirror plinths), matt black paint work touched up (yes, it does seem possible to patch up PlastiDip!).

Next on the list for tomorrow is refitting the door cards and giving the interior a good clean, before fitting the RS200 door mats I had made up nearly 3 years ago now!
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