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I was a bit curtailed today by the weather, as I really wanted to get the car out of the garage and give the interior a good clean, before refitting the door cards.

So instead, I decided I would try to sort out the front wheel arch/inner wing area. Ever since I’ve seen the car from a distance I’ve been bothered by the view looking into the front wheel arch.

Having thought about it, it was too much white GRP in the inner arch area from the upper area of the sills. So out came the matte black paint, this time I decided it was too tricky to try and spray with black PlastiDip so decided I could sacrifice these areas in terms of using normal paint (e.g. paint that doesn’t come off!) so bought a small pot of rustoleum matte black universal paint that I’d heard lots of good things about.

Wow, this stuff is great. Coverage is excellent and it appears you can brush it on and get a really good finish ... no brush strokes visible.

So I decided to paint the inner arch area to cover the white GRP sill area and I’m pretty happy with the improvement here. Note in the picture here the bonnet isn’t locked down.

Armed with the Rustoleum paint and brush there was no holding me back, and with the rain beating down outside I set about the front bumper arch area and inner bumper top as well as the inside area of the door jam.

Hoping the rain eases off over the next few days and I can sort the interior out. Then it’s off to the MOT station...yippee!

Oh... I nearly forgot .... ever since I started my build I was inspired by Retro200’s (Mick) MRS200 build. I remember early on in my build he sent me a picture of his kit and the shut lines of the front door, sill/bonnet area and how it compared to the original car. So for Mick if he’s still following my thread here’s a similar picture ... I don’t think they are too far out compared to the originals :-)

And the original ....

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