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Well.....funny you should say that Nick. I’m also finding that just after I have also hoovered and wiped the rear screen, of both the MRS200 and the MR2 hardtop rear screen, about 2-3 hours later there’s also a thin covering of dust.

I’ve come to accept that the dust particles from sanding the car down are in the air in and around the garage and I’m just moving them from one surface to another.

I’ve tried to leave the garage doors open to create a draft to get stuff out in the open and also left the car outside for a while but to no avail!

On a side note, we had some work done on the house this week and the folks doing the work had to go through the garage. I was most heartened when they spotted the RS200 and first thought it was an original but on hearing it was a replica said ‘I’d never have guessed there was an MR2 roadster under there’!
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