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I also got another suggestion from Nostromo on using wire rope grips to join the two rods so I’ve ordered a bag of 4mm sized grips/clamps as they look like they will be a bit sturdier than the connecting blocks.

So until they arrive there wasn’t much to do on the car. I decided to have another go at bending the handle connecting rod to improve the radius of the bends and make them tighter, this time applying heat to the area to be bent on the rod which made a huge difference and it looks a lot better now.

Will probably be Friday now when I can next spend time on the door handle rods, but there was a nice surprise when my wife presented me with the following she’d had produced ....

Now I have chance to admire my handy work every time I have a cuppa :-)

And that also spurred me on to dig out a print I bought at the Castle Coombe Rally Day, now suitably personalised ....

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