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Managed a bit of work over the last few days, no photos though due not really visual progress.
Constructed all the looms for the front clam and first fit in conduit on brackets. Battery refitted and all tested out so no mixups or wiring fails yet. Can start terminating at the lights etc now. Horn checks out as well so all steering wheel now complete and tested.
Tried a trial fit of the sills, but with limited room in the garage unable to get the doors wide enough open so left that for another day when the car is pushed out. Got to keep pushing for progress as I don’t know when the surgeon is going to call waving his knife at me with a smile on his face!

Oh also had a great weekend at Hahei at the leadfoot festival. If I get a chance I’ll download the camera and see what I can post up, but look on google for leadfoot festival if interested. It is a yearly hillclimb event ona private estate driveway that has been designed by Rod Millen to represent his favourite parts of goodwood, pikes peak and forestry stages. Awesome event with awesome cars.

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