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Default LVV Cert update

Originally Posted by Barber View Post
It is great to see this coming together. Keep the momentum going.
Cheers Barber will try my darndest!

Got together with the cert guy for LVV today, have agreed a few changes that need to be made.

Fuel filler needs to be moved from by the rear window and forward onto the rear arch. There is just not enough room to get the filler pipe through in between the roll cage bar and the rear tub construction without removing base metal. So we have agreed to move it onto the arch which solves that issue and the fact the filler was in the boot directly over the battery.

Rear body support needs to be modified/improved as the rear boot extension doesn’t give enough rigidity for cert. So I am working now changes that are likely to include glassed in brackets for the extension to rear bumper, the rear body onto the original rear guards location and some fixings between the sills/rear arch and in the parcel shelf area. Bit of work but needs must!

Have got a bit of work to redo on the front screen area as well as the r/h front screen edge does not fit tight enough because the infill trim I bonded in is slightly in the wrong position. So likely I will have to cut it and take out half, reclean/prep and re affix.

Lots to do as I will have to also come up with a plan/method to seal off the rear wheel arches from the cabin. Better get my fish oil stocked and brain food working!
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