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Originally Posted by DaveP View Post
Looking good so far.

I found doing a trial fit in the middle of the build help keep the motivation going. All the jobs are fiddly and take time and to get a glimpse of the end result does wonders.

Keep the pics coming

Will do Dave, only issue I need my mates to assist with the lift off/on so a bit of time needs to be spent lining up the kit and my lining up my ideas.....

Originally Posted by molleur View Post
My 250 SWB had the same slight offset to the rockers as your car. I Wedged those corners out to match, ran a single stainless sheet metal screw to hold them and 'glassed them to the rockers. Much cleaner looking IMO.
Thanks Molleur good stuff. Hoping to match the sills/rear drops inline and fix once more work done underneath. Does looks if it will push out and line up which is good. Good solution. Just so I am clear though, you are talking about the rear clam when you say “rockers”? Or do you mean the sills? Just never heard the term rockers other than in a valve sense! Cheers fella, M.
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