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Default Tribute Build Agents

I thought it was about time i joined the forum. My name is Richard Bird, I own Nubodi Automotive and are the Official build agent for Tribute. I am a vehicle technician with over 35 years experience of building Custom, Kit and Race cars.
I have attached some of the Tribute models we have built in the past, including KOBRA, Z300S, KOBRA KLASSIC and 250 KALIFORNIA (last two our names). Sorry the 250 has copyright but we have an exclusive with Kitcar magazine coming up. We can supply all the Tribute kits for the same price as Tribute but offer

1. 7 days a week technical back-up (9.00am to 9.00pm).
2. Finished demonstrators you can view and drive.
3. Delivery of 1 a mile up to 200 miles from Berkshire.
4. Build photo guide.
5. Kobra kits always in STOCK for immediate collection.
6. Shorter distance to collect your kit (probably)
7. Usually attend at all kit car events.
8. Build services of each stage from donor striping to paintwork or turn-key cars.

Please give me a call to discuss your requirements or just a chat about cars!