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Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident View Post
I've just read Wednesday's edition of 'Classic Car Weekly' where I learnt that another ex Ecurie Ecosse D-Type was auctioned in Monterey in August for 16.6 million!!! Mine therefore now only owes me 0.0301% of the real thing.

I was at a car show and a bloke was mocking my car said "Yeah but it is only half the fun of the real thing"
How the hell would he know that without driving yours? You should have asked him if you could have a go in his real one so you could see what he meant.

I also suspect that the new owner of the 16.6 million genuine article may well put it straight into climate controlled deep storage and forget about it until it's worth 33.2 million, which by then will be almost enough for a deposit on a pokey flat in Knightsbridge with nowhere to park it anyway.

Where's the fun in that?
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