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Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans View Post
Was there any mention of the new mot regulations that are now in place ? Did they look at any areas that you wouldn't have expected ?
Hi Lucky,

There didnít seem to be. I was quietly confident as I had replaced brakes and suspension in the prep work. I was most concerned about emissions truth be told. But he got it hot enough to pass no problem.

A lot still depends upon the tester I guess. I assume have the view that if it passes thatís great.

Hopefully the ones that like the new failure mechanisms are the ones to avoid. If you know which ones they are

I took my daily drive in the week before to a different tester. I knew one tyre was on the verge so ordered new ones to be fitted there. They failed it on the tyres then retested after they fit them .... I would have done it the other way around but hey what do I know,

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