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I have begun the process of making adaptors to allow me to fit the Dual 7" servo:

The steel backplate is made from 6mm mild steel, and turned out on a very old lathe.
The Metro push-rod, seal and nipple are from a standard servo. I plan to use the yoke to attach the servo to the pedal.

Useful tip: there are plenty of Metros in scrapyards, but removing a servo is incredibly difficult. Buy one cheap from ebay, or.......
Go to scap-yard - find metro - remove clevis pin to pedal: remove master cylinder ( 2 x 13mm easy access nuts): then use brute force and intelligence to drive a sharp chisel into the servo and smash the plunger out the bottom. 15 minutes start to finish - trying to remove the servo could take hours - if you don't give up in total frustration!..... (Like me!) Total cost of parts - 2
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