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Originally Posted by Mitchelkitman View Post
Interesting - I thought that was going to be a pile of junk parts which had been damaged and never fitted
Another interesting, when I looked at the Ebay ad I decided to ask the vendor some pertinent questions (aren't I naughty), and noticed Ebay had put my name and phone number in my question, and a prompt of "best time to call"
I removed them and it wouldn't send the question (required fields) So I changed my name to "Curious" and my 'phone number to "00000000"

There's always ways around these things

be interesting to see what response I get.
For the curious...... my question "Is this registered as a Ferrari or Tribute"
OOps I've just realised my error there
I got a reply (I have to say, one wasn't expected), but..... In the words of the great Victor Meldrew I DON'T BEELIEEEVE IT!

Nether, Its still registered as a BMW, cheaper to insure as a heavily modified car. This is my own design passed by Ferrari and trading standards.

Who's going to tell him (or Ebay!)?

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