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I took the car to a friend's shop who does roll cages and traded him some welding work for this. *We bent and tacked some 1 *5/8" down bars to connect the A pillars to the frame rails. * It's surprising how much this changes the look of the car at it's current state. *Even though these bars will not likely be seen once the body is on I'm pleased with the design, clearance, and finished look. * It also gives me something to build the radiator and bumper*support from- I'm thinking I may make that removable so the engine is easier to remove and install later. *I will be finishing the welds on the down bars soon and will seal up and epoxy prime the front end, firewall and floors. *There's a little surface rust starting to develop, especially after transporting the car in this humidity, and I want to nip that*in the bud before it gets out of control. **

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