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Mightily impressive Jim! I'll be following your build closely. I've always loved the little Dino and have ambitions of building my own Dino-engined car one day. I bought a 2 litre Dino V6 engine about 25 years ago and still have it in storage. The guys from Christchurch/Invercargill/Queenstown who built a stunning 206SP replica asked if they could buy my engine for another replica but I thought it best to hold onto it. Are you familiar with that Chapman replica? They sourced a lot of the drawings from a UK company restoring an original.

Why the Nissan VQ30? Are you mounting it transversely? If not, and the object is to get an inexpensive motor then the VW /Audi V6 with existing gearbox is facing the right way and relatively cheap. The Boxster isn't that outrageously priced either. But if you're after Italian brio to match the car's character then an Alfa V6 mounted transversely with its own gearbox or longitudinally with something like an Audi 01E box will do it for you!
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