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Originally Posted by Mick O'Malley View Post
Yesterday I decided to fill up the A352 in anticipation of today's sortie to Stoneleigh. It was most unwilling to start and ran very poorly, refusing to idle without choke, even when up to temp. I got home, just about, let it all cool down and removed the carbs, as these were the likely culprits following the diaphragm replacement saga. On dismantling I found that the new diaphragms were already badly stretched and distorted. I suspect they're made from something incompatible with petrol - not a lot of use! I'll just have to buy two more, this time from Canley or similar, rather than Ebay cowboys. Buy cheap: Pay twice (and miss Stoneleigh)

Regards, Mick
Blast, I was hoping to see your beastie. Lovely day here.
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