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Default Fuel cap out and aerial changed

Hey guys, good progress over the last couple of days, and a few games of rugby watched as well so happy boy!

Back end is back off and working through structure and brackets/under stuff.
Managed today - Split the front roof/frame support that had misaligned during fitting - Perfectly happy with the bonding agent cos that was a bugger to get back off! Need to re position/bond and fibreglass strengthen before the roof fit.

Fitted the sharkfin powered aerial in place of the original (Cheers JagTVR for the idea) works well and looks tidy even though it will not be seen.

Fitted the rear light R/H bus for all my earths and started blanking off the rear light holes that aren't needed.

Removed the fuel cap which proved to be pretty easy, I used a method that I am familiar with in aero engineering (splitting it/slotting it). Worked really well. See from the photos if you are yet to do it, pull up the Qty 4 tangs with a flat blade screwdriver and using a die grinder high speed burr I cut the bracket that is attached to the rivet/cable and then slotted the outside of the cap metal assy. Just be very careful of heat/sparks. I left the cap on for most of the cutting, but also put rag down the fuel fill pipe to minimise any fumes coming out/material going in. Worked really well, once split you only have to gently lever the two parts wider and pull the assy of the o-ring that is underneath.
Back on it tomorrow......

Fuel filler split

Fuel filler rivet bracket cut and tangs raised

Sharkfin aerial fitted
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