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Default Tonight's mock up

Hey guys, a bit more progress mocking up the back-end and putting in lights and positions of lights etc.
Reversing light and fog need brackets made to sit vertical and number plate lights may need a small plinth or recessing due to the slope on the rear bumper. All fits together reasonably, the bumper though will need a small bit of work for alignment and extension in places.
Got a crowd setup to chrome wrap all the bumpers next week, but with some work to do that may extend out by a few weeks.
Got a company ready to bend some BA stainless to make the side trims like the original, then over to me to finish it with welding on ends, tabs and bolts for the fixings.
Also dropped off a E46 rotor to a local machinist tonight. He is dropping the rotor (disc in UK language) from 280mm dia to 272mm to match the Z3 original then I can fit the Z4 hub /better offset wheels and narrow the track at the back.
Some pictures in the dark, heading back out in the man-shed for a few more hours after a cuppa!



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