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Default Sebring MX (MXR)

Anybody knowledgable about Sebring kits ?

I looked at an MXR kit around 15 years ago - at that time they had a superb dark blue demonstrator - looked fantastic.

With 15 years passage of time, I see they have changed ownership, moved from Cambridgeshire ........... and dropped the MXR model name.
Although MX looks to be the same.

On their web site it advises that Phil Overall is "Having this opportunity to re-design, update and build the Sebring range of Austin Healey-inspired cars"

Anybody know what changes they have made, how is the current Sebring kit business going (particularly support)

15 years ago .. I opted for another kit, as the MXR (and in fact the SX & TMX) were built on a chassis that in comparison to a GD427 or DAX looked pretty agricultural, and suspension seemed pretty dated.

Have they changed chassis design ??
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