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Originally Posted by smash View Post
I went to look at the original white demo. It looks very production - in fact the pictures do not do it justice at all, it's a really well proportioned and modern looking sportscar with some excellent detailing. Looks proper mean out on the road - I've always been an arse man and this thing does not disappoint lol!

At the time the kit prices were higher and I ended up going the Tribute route but the kit price now is really keen.

Next time around I will come and have another look for sure - the thought of either a V6 or monster miata V8 (basically baby TVR) is very appealing.

Really does deserve to be succesful
Remember you coming by. Hope your build is going well. Did you buy a full built car or a kit. Your welcome over anytime to see the new build in progress. Drop me a messsge through out Facebook page for a chat.


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