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Originally Posted by Jaguartvr View Post
Looking good. Beer crate grill will suit it but at the moment looks too heavy, can you use thinner material?
The squares are a bit smaller than I had intended but otherwise , it looks not bad ...I think the angle of the picture might not help ...I can only get this material in that thickness .... I'll take a picture from a better angle , that might help .....If I get a chance later , I might paint one satin black but keep the front face silver , see how that looks ?

Of course , anything I use is only a suggestion ...these are blank canvas builds , not replicating anything , the same ethos as the S*mmio before it and left very much to the builder to put their own mark on the car, they are 'specials' not kit cars ..I much prefer that approach to them , they are similar enough to a mid 50's Ferrari or Maserati to go down either of those paths stylewise , but not forcing the builder to try and copy anything , which brings plenty of criticsm if they fall short in any dept....

There is nothing wrong with replica's ...don't get me wrong , I started this journey because I wanted a Kougar Monza when I saw them in a magazine whilst I was at school and starting to get into Hot Rods etc. and similarly , wanted a 550 around the same time too ..... so have nothing against them at all .....but I chose an ''inspired by'' route for my contribution to the classic Roadster market .....

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