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Well , I thought yesterday was a bad day for fibreglassing ...well today wasn't any better !!

I was on a mission to get the rear light pods fitted today , and I very nearly did it ...they are in and fully glassed in place , sanded back but I didn't get a chance to blend them in with a bit of filler due to waiting for sikaflex to cure and I haven't trial fitted the units properly yet , just placed them in ...again due to curing times ...about an hour tomorrow should see those bits finished ...

I needed to workout their location , which on a totally rounded car with curved rump , isn't straightforward need a central measurement position to work from I found the centre line and fitted a temporary number plate made from scalpeled masking tape to the correct dimensions of a real plate ...this gave me somewhere to start with the measurements and a focal reference for spacing the units ......

My initial plan to put the units in from behind half worked ....the outer ones went in perfect ...the inner ones wouldn't go in due to the internal frame being in the way I cut the bases off , fitted the tubes from the front and then glassed the bases back on in position ...not too much of an issue but added some time to the job ...

so , apart from a bit of blending and stuff ..we have some lighting detail ...

Picture quality not great as workshop was very dusty today ...but hopefully shows the intention ...

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