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Default Trial fit - Body

Hi guys,

Managed to trial fit the roof/bodyline tonight. So happy to get to this point! There will be some challenges ahead as I have a few things that I think that may cause a bit of scratchy beard time, but hey what else do we have to do!

Main challenges will be:

- Security of the rear shell to the kit and forward roofline to car bonding - especially for LVV cert pass
- Gapping and spacering, body is sitting away from some of its support structures.
- Style 5 wheels at the rear may be too far out - May need to consider z4 hubs to bring the wheels under the arches if I go that route
- Fuel filler tubing clearance is not good with the rollcage and boot structure - I may be forced to change shape of the filler tube going through that area or even just fit the filler as a "dummy" and keep the fill original on the side with a fill flap. Hopeful I can sort the former....Here's some pics.

front quarter

Rear quarter

Rear view

Roof trial fit

Side window


Trial body 2

Trial body1

trial style 5 wheel

But all that said, it is a project after all so where would the challenge be?
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