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Default Friday 1st June

Not much visual progress but one of those special days as all welding is now complete on the chassis. There were a couple of seams on the new plates that I couldn't get proper access to until the rear suspension was off, but they are now done.

Safe systems of working.......well kind of.

I then spent some time with the grinder doing some tidying.

Down at The Glade I have no assistance to call on (ever!), so I need to be able to move the chassis around on my own. My plan was to blast the back half, and then prime, paint and rebuild the rear end before doing the same to the front. This was so that I always had an "end" that rolled.

I have come to the conclusion that, with the help of my engine hoist, I can still move the chassis around on my own. So, next job is to strip the front, and then I shall blast and paint the chassis in one go which is much more efficient.

I also managed to get my last trunnion stripped. What a bugger that was. Who would have thought that a plastic/metal interface could resist such force.

The thought of priming and painting the chassis is uplifting. I'm just starting to turn the corner - leaving Destruction Street, and heading along Construction Road. Lovely.

Blasting and spraying also means that I can try out some of my new toys that I have accumulated over the last 12 months. You know the ones......

"What is that large box in the hallway that was delivered today?"

"Nothing, darling, just some bits and pieces.".
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