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Sunday Afternoon
I then went for my first proper drive and ended up in the local industrial estate to take some photos.

I keep saying this, but one day I will remember to straighten up the suspension after I climb out.

First up, the racing number comparison:

I would need to order some new numbers and I think they would need to be slightly smaller to cope with the curved cockpit sides.
( Plus I would ask the guy who makes them to fit them for me after the mess I made this morning. )

And here are a few more photos.

I then took the car for a quick a blast along the A40/M40 to help clean out the engine/exhaust pipes a bit more.

The clear blue skies looked a lot warmer than they actually were at 70mph and the exposed parts of my face got very cold.

But given how long I've had to wait for this drive I wasn't going to complain and, as usual, the car is still spreading joy wherever it goes.

Until next time, take care, Paul.
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