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Hi Jag,

Welcome to the 250 club!

For twin pipes I had to completely remove the spare due to size of back boxes, so drive around with one of those compressed air can puncture repair thingys in the boot. My wife has a touran and the come with same setup and no spare. So for me that's fine.

It might be possible to fit twins without taking spare away but you'll probably end up with straight through so with no baffles and the tailpipes will run out wide at the back. As you may know to get the spare out you have to drop it down and I hen pull it out towards the back of the car, so any work around would have to go around the side of the basket its in.

Mines same blue as yours but going silver as there isn't much in terms of colour in engine bay and door shuts will be blacked out eventually. Each to their own I guess.

Pictures of progress are always appreciated!

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