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Not going too well so far, Have been trying to get it to rev over 2k but no luck. My cheap reader came up with a fault for the idea control valve, what a bugger to get to. Anyway when you shake it it is meant to rattle but they get gummed up. Mine had no rattle so a good spray with brake cleaner and it now rattles well. However on reinstalling it the fault code has been cleared and stayed cleared but it still won't rev. I have changed both cam sensors even though they weren't showing as a fault but no luck. I have unplugged the man and again no difference. Anyone have any bright ideas? The light with a circle and arrow is lit between the dials.

On a more positive note, I managed to get a set of the chrome windscreen trims, bit of a bugger to get off, they are held in place with double sided tape and a couple of plastic rivets on each trim.I trimmed back the rubber windscreen trim and popped of the centre joiner at the top of the windscreen. Working from the top I pushed a long thin screwdriver between the trim and screen surround. The trick is to pry the trim gently up with the screwdriver and use the screwdriver to cut between the tape and the car. Great care is needed not to crease the trim.
If I were to do it again I would use an old sharpened screwdriver and a paint stripper gun to help melt the glue on the tape.

Next will be the tricky bit, refitting! I thick blobs of silicone will be the best idea.
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