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I know what you mean about quality, trouble with buying second hand is if you replace it and there is no change you don't know if it's a different problem or the 2nd hand unit is faulty. If the new cheap Ebay Maf works then I'll pick up a 2nd hand Bosch unit and swap it over, that way I will know if it works or not.

I may need to borrow your double jointed dwarf at some time!

Cat is something I had taken on board that could be a problem, It's the last thing in my "to try" list as it's the most awkward, I thought it was also quite unlikely, but now you give me the good news that as you had the problem it might not be so unlikely.

Have a Corsa here, started it up and then unplugged the MAF, no difference in running so the google idea that it will cut out if it is a good MAF is false.

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