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Default A 250 SWB made it's way down under

After reading the original article in KitCar magazine and lurking around here for a long time ordered and received my kit a few weeks ago...

This being New Zealand there are of course different rules but I should be able to build it without any formal certification just the standard Warrant of Fitness test to pass. To be able to do that had to find a 1998 (2.8 manual..) model that predates the front impact regulations here so as to be allowed to remove the front bumper. Also can't move the fuel filler and tires can only be 10% larger....

And since we don't have square number plates here I will take inspiration from the original 1959 show car 1539GT that had no indents...

The stripping and building has started and happy to see that panel fit has been much improved.

No cuts required and the door looks to open without any issues. Little work at the top of the door panel to pull it in but most of that is the Velcro holding it in place...

First addition was a cap on the hole in the chassis rail, quick trip to Fusion360

And the 3d printer produced a rubber seal and ABS cap.

Now just need to figure out how to fit the power steering cooler and the fan in front of the airco radiator....
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