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Originally Posted by Egdik View Post
Always a pleasure to see your progress. You seem to take nice pictures inside the garage . . .

If your bumpers are the same shape as mine, you might consider trimming the base of the number plate light - could use only one - and mounting it very close to the top edge of the bumper. A single 10w bulb is enough - or use an led.

Do the regs force you to mount the fog and reversing lights so far 'out the back' ? Brackets off the bumper perhaps, or could you hang them off the bodywork behind the bumper ? They are not things of beauty.

All the best for a drive before too long - late 'winter' in your tropical zone !
Hi Kidge, thanks so much for the kind words!
Good tips with the number plate light for trimming will look at that. The nz rear plate is a long thin one just like the uk front so I think will probably stay with the two lights, it balances it better and with the original being a long thin light just visually balances a bit as well.

The fog and reverse are only in as a mock-up at the moment, final orientation will be further in likely to be on brackets to square the rear face off. They won’t stay where there are pictured as they do stick out in the ugliness scale!

Cheers fella, trucking forward.....
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