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Well I promised to post all progress or fails, it is the turn of the fails and this is going to be cathartic for me to tell the world I am a dope and I pray that this is the last of the backwards steps!

Let me cast you back to when I bought the car, very good condition, awesome sellers that took the car for some chip repairs in the windscreen on their insurance and came back with a new screen - So who was a happy boy knowing he had a donor with a brand new screen being covered by bonded roof panels/surrounds etc? Of course me.

Step forward to today and I now need a windscreen replacement in the next two weeks. Pretty innocuous but expensive all the same. Left a roll of aluminium tape on the bottom of the screen after using it and then decided whilst tidying up for the day to lower the bonnet because it was in the way. Net result a crunch that I thought was the bonnet cracking and no it was the screen - See below for picture.

Now deep breaths, my healing is done......(After $500 plus for a new screen)

The good bits of the day have been starting the glassing of the filler holes etc, progressing with the fuel pipe and bonding the half of the roof support that I re-positioned back in.....Lots of dust and fumes........

Show us your crack!


Glassing initial

Fuel filler tubing and filler
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