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Following discussions with Mike Hughes at Automotive GRP Solutions, Tribute Automotive will be purchasing the Miglia Speedster moulds and jigs. Production will start from 5th January 2016. Any changes to specification, design or pricing will be announced once the 1st kit has been produced in the Tribute workshop.

Mike has chosen to sell the Miglia Speedster moulds as he feels it no longer fits in will his core business at his extremely busy Automotive GRP Solutions company. Mike would like future customers to receive the service with regards to timescales of delivery that they deserve, but is less likely to achieve in the future due to his ever expanding business going in other directions.

Tribute Automotive will not be taking over any outstanding Miglia Speedster builds or supply of outstanding parts.

For more information call Chris at Tribute Automotive on 07901 544241 or email:

The Tribute website ( ) will be updated with Miglia detail soon and will absorb the existing website in the near future.

More news on the TRIBUTE MIGLIA SPEEDSTER will follow in the New Year.
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