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Default IVA fail: emissions

Engine is a K20A2 out of a 2004 Civic Type R. Emissions were very high and lambda was low on IVA test.

I have the 'standard' honda engine exhaust, ie 4 into 1, into CAT, into box with two tailpipes. dbs were fine (average of 97).

I'm using a Hondata ECU with the standard K20A2 map as supplied by Hondata. Fuel line runs from tank (standard Rover pump) to rear of car. Fuel regulator has an input, regulated output (which runs to fuel rail) and a return (which runs back to the tank). Single line from regulator to fuel rail, which I believe is set at 42 PSI.

CAT is as supplied by MArlin and 'smelt' like it was working correctly. I have had low voltage errors with the lambda sensor, and am now getting a primary O2 heater error having played with a second sensor today.
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