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Tim, a few questions / comments:

- What short term fueling trim is the ecu showing?
- The ECU is in closed loop mode?
- Factory pressure is 43 PSI, but 42 should work.
- Lambda current is only for the stock wideband on non-euro cars.
- Stock zirconia narrowband sensors are 0.2v lean, 0.8v rich. If in closed loop dithering mode (which it is unlikely your car is achieving going on your lambda result) it'll switch between about 0.8 v and 0.2 v cyclically at a frequency proportional to engine speed, circa 1 Hz at idle.
- I found the stock map too lean in open loop. If you're maxing out short term fuel trim in closed loop to try and bring the fueling back to stoichiometric, then that would register as lean. Beware the Hondata map, it is only a basemap, despite it purporting to be a UK calibration replica.
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