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I'll check trim at the weekend. I've not made any changes to the map, so I assume this will be the default setting with the Hondata base map.

It sounds as though my voltages are too low, with a minimum of practically 0v and max of 2 to 2.2v. I believe I'm in closed loop, as I've not changed it to open loop.

This could therefore be the problem - the ECU senses a value of 0.2v or less, and therefore thinks that the engine is running lean. It then chucks in more fuel. The tester noted that after failing the test, the CO reading started to slowly rise. this again would relate to a low voltage: ECU thinks it's lean, adds more fuel CO goes up. Voltage is still low, it ads more fuel, CO goes up some more.

I'll play around with the connector some - I think the wires might not be making good contact in the 4 pin connector I've used to attach the lambda sensor. It's currently coming up with a heater error on the AF/primary O2 sensor.

If the weather's good at the weekend and you fancy a flying visit you'd be more than welcome!

As always, thanks for your input, John.
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