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I disabled the O2 heater and ran a switched 12v supply to the sensor. Try taking a constant 12v to the sensor heater and see if that helps - if for some reason the sensor isn't hot enough it'll not work.

My recollection is you took a copy of the map I run on my car. As mentioned when I came over in the Marlin, the stock Hondata map is pretty terrible - lots of holes in it and some curious steps in, well, everything. I'd suggest giving my map a try in closed loop. I know from my wideband that the fueling will go to perfect stoich when run in closed loop as the trim required is small. Some correction will be required by the closed loop, as I deliberately leaned off the mix slightly for very low loads to improve fuel consumption.

Busy this weekend I'm afraid: XC Friday night, DH-ing at UK bikepark on Saturday, XC on Sunday - gotta get the bike out whilst the weather is good!

My Marlin is looking sorry for itself at the moment - sat the garage with missing and broken front suspension waiting for an injection of time to make new wishbones.

If you want to borrow my wideband to see for certain what your fueling is doing, that's an option - you'd just need to put a second lambda boss on the exhaust to mount it to.
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